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  1. DoomMeister

    BreezeCam and CGO iOS apps return 10/31/20

    Both of these apps had been pulled from the App Store (in the US) recently. They are now back in the store and available for download.
  2. DoomMeister

    Guide to Analyzing Breeze Cam FlightLogs - Your Data is Needed

    I wanted to have a way to plot my flights with the Breeze on Google Maps/Earth, so I started exploring the data contained in the Breeze Cam FlightLog files. As I started inserting the data into Google Maps, I was finding that a lot of my files were showing the Breeze staying in the same place...
  3. S

    Breeze Cam drains my battery on my S7 Samsung (FIXED in 1.0.6)

    Hi, I have to kill "Breeze cam" (Ver: 1.0.5) to stop draining my battery in my phone. :( So closing is not enough .. it keeps draining. After killing, all okay ... (And it's the only of +100 apps on my phone, S7 Edge Samsung, latest stock ROM) Anyone else has this problem ?