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c23 pictures

  1. mbernholdt

    The coaster

    A coaster entering Enø (Enoe) harbor and the bird sanctuary Karrebaek fjord before sailing through Naestved canal. All images taken with the C23 on the H plus :-) Hope you like them
  2. mbernholdt

    Typhoon H plus panorama (Not 360)

    Thought I would post this here instead of the image forum. The other day we had an incoming Stormfront approaching, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to not only get some great images but also test the H plus in high winds I'm guessing at ground level it was around 13m/s with...
  3. Steve Carr

    C23 Camera Pano Sample

    I'm posting this here rather than the photo page simple as an additional sample of the C23 camera resolution. I shot the pan and @thoneter edited the pictures and uploaded to his server. I'm still struggling with the camera settings to get a proper exposure and color. Thankfully the H Plus...