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calibration problem

  1. J

    Just another compas problem!

    Hi! No matter how hard I try, no matter how low the kp index is, I always fail and get the solid white led light when attempting to calibrate the q500 4k. Ive noticed when calibrating the led lights are blinking red and green fast as the should. But I get a quick white light every now and then...
  2. InfoDrones.It

    Calibrazione Stick e Selettori (riprogrammazione Canale) - Italia

    Calibrazione Stick (J1,J2,J3,J4) e Selettori (K1,K2,K3 ecc..) sulla ST16 del Typhoon H. Riprogrammazione di un canale perso e soluzioni per problemi legati ai comandi e al volo del nostro TH.
  3. Morten

    Calibration problems

    Hi I have installed a new camera, since my old got busted and was "unrepairable". I installed this and I have since updated to newest firmware ( from 0ct. see attached picture). The problem is that the new software worked, I could toggle the LEDs, and calibrate and all..... I took it out today...