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  1. WEDWay

    Wobbling Video

    I know I have seen some discussion about wobbling video, but I am haven't found a good answer to fix, other that sending it back to Yuneec. On that note, I only live about an hour away from their SoCal location, so that could be helpful. I but together some clips, titled for date, resolution...
  2. WEDWay

    Huntington Beach, CA considers drone ordinance that seem EXTREME

    Since I live in HB, CA and want to fly in my city if possible, I have been trying to find if our city had anything on the books. Up till now, it seems they have not. BUT ... that y change. Thanks to a post by DroneEddie on Facebook 需要安全验证 entitled "Next time it may cost you $2.00 to look at this...
  3. clackey

    California governor vetoes drone bill

    This is great news.... SAN FRANCISCO — California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed legislation Wednesday that would have restricted the flying of drones lower than 350 feet over private property without the owner's permission. While drone technology raises novel issues, Brown said in his veto message...