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camera connect

  1. F

    Crazy Camera control

    So I took the camera off the drone to use the steady grip. The wires broke. I am using the jumper cable. Most of time I get a green light on camera. However the feed is purple or some other wierd color. Then it might be good for a few minuets. Today the camera light stays white and no Wi-Fi. I...
  2. A

    Camera Wont Connect. HELP!

    I purchased the H from a family member that had it shipped to me. Right out of the case the camera connected fine and I could see the feed on the screen. By the time I read the manual and learned how to get it flying the camera stopped feeding and just says trying to connect. The H flies...
  3. P

    Typhoon H camera won't connect

    A few months of trouble free flights till now. All of the sudden the camera will not connect. Tried every fix I could find online. Tried rebooting everything several times. different SD card, system settings refresh, reloaded camera C-GO3-Pro, It says setup complete. Then the monitor reads...