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camera fuse

  1. CraigCam

    Can someone give me some voltage values...

    So this is pretty weird. I was showing off to my father in law today when I flew into a tree. To add to the problem, I went up to try to miss it and hit wires above. Ugh. Thanks for soft sand to break props mainly... but my newly obsessed camera took a hit and tore off the main wires. Since I...
  2. S

    Anyone know where the integrated powerfuse to the CGO3+ is?

    I pulled a "hey stupid"....So I replaced the Mainboard, landing gear and gimbal wiring to my H, got her flying and I had the camera powering on and connecting, but no pan and tilt. I did all the updates, made sure that the contacts where connecting etc. during troubleshooting I took the round...