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camera mount

  1. E

    Camera mount buffer pins

    I'm in the UK. Does anyone know where I could buy just the pins in the box please? They go through the rubber buffers on the under slung camera mount. Also... why are they only two pins in the replacement camera buffer mount kit when there are four corners? Thanks in advance
  2. Brenakie

    Camera Tethering

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had tried tethering their CGO3 camera mount? My thinking is in the unlikely event of a crash it won't totally break away and keep the wiring intact? I did crash a couple of times, once the camera did separate from the mount but was lucky that the wiring did...
  3. A

    Camera mount issues - brand new Typhoon Q500 4K

    Hi, I bought my Q500 4K ten days ago for recreational purposes and after a couple of short flights with no issues, the camera has become unmounted from one of the corner rubbers. Take off in rabbit and then switching to tortoise in smart mode, flying at 70 feet high with no wind in open country...