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    Modified Typhoon H to fly across entire length of Canada

    In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Duracell is launching the Explorer150, the first drone to travel across Canada, capturing footage of this beautiful country, and live streaming it for Canadians everywhere. The drone’s journey will begin in Beavercreek, Yukon and ends in St. John’s...
  2. prathbun

    107 Certificate Honored in Canada?

    Forgive me if this has been answered... Does anybody know if Transport Canada honors (honours? ;~) Part 107 RPIC certificates? A friend of mine is part of a major shoot in Labrador in August and I may get hired as an RPIC. Thanks, all!
  3. Flying-Potato

    Canada and its 16th of March 2017 Regs for Recreational Users

    I know most of the pilots here are not based in Canada but I have to share this with you guys. Please keep in mind that most of the major Canadian cities are very highly packed to the border of the USA, and in some regions such as the city of Vancouver British Columbia it is restrictive by its...