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cg03 gimbal

  1. B

    Using Freewell GraD ND filters

    Is it ok to leave the Grad ND filter on to the camera all the time. This is the one that you can rotate. With the extra weight I notice that it drags the gimbal down when I power down the drone. Will perk right up when powered. Wondering if this puts extra strain on the gimbal? Also, with...
  2. S

    Brand new q500 4k, gimbal not working

    Has anyone had issues with the CG03 gimbal? Took delivery of my new quad 2 days ago, updated firmware on the quad and transmitter, then made a few flights, but I can't get the gimbal to tilt from the ST10+. I am a newbie pilot, but do have some IT knowledge. I've tried re-binding the quad and...