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    This is probably a stupid question considering the Chroma is obsolete and discontinued.. but does anyone know of a source where I can still purchase the MK58 or CGO2+Gimbal? I recently obtained a Chroma and love it so much I even got an ST-10+ for it (it originally had the Spektrum DX4) and I've...
  2. P

    Need help finding a CGO2+ Camera Housing

    HELLO! I cannot for the life of me find the housing for the CGO2+. I found plenty for the CGO3 - are they possibly compatible? Looked on carolinadronz, vertigo drones, and my local hobby shops. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Pig
  3. E

    Looking for CGO3 (or CGO2) parts

    Hi Folks! I had an (ahem) rough landing the other day and bent the control arm on my CGO3. I am looking to buy a damaged CGO3 or CGO2 with an intact control arm. Maybe someone out here has a CGO3 that landed in water, or may have an extra as a result of a warrantee problem. Also, if anyone...
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    CGO2 Tilt problem...

    I have an issue with my Yuneec Q500+...I crashed it into a tree....a blade broke and the CGO2-camera fell off...and now to my problem: the camera ripped off from the gimbal and the connector cable was damaged... on the circuit board the connection a place for the power-supply was damaged and on...