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cgo3 app

  1. C

    A call to all Typhoon H owners who live in Europe

    I live in Europe, own a Typhoon H and want to connect my bird with the CGO3 app. The CGO3+ cam has the latest standard Firmware (not EU). I use a Samsung galaxy S4 Dual Band. There is no Wifi signal from the cam on my smartphone so no connection. Which owners had the same problem and solved this...
  2. K

    Battery Problems & Unknown Error Code

    Hey- I've been having mild luck with the steady grip so far. Was out in New Orleans a few weeks back filming B-roll with the steady grip, which worked fine for about the first 15 mins of use. Then the app started randomly disconnecting, giving connection errors, and finally would only connect...
  3. WEDWay

    Review video on iPhone

    I use the iPhone app sometimes when I am flying to set/check the camera. I have tried to preview the videos after flying and I can't get them to play. I can preview still, I can see the description and icon for the videos, but they do not play. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Copper Angel

    which ipad or other tablet to buy so I can use the SteadyGrip

    I just received my Q500 4K today. As I was afraid would be the case, my Asus Memo Pad is NOT compatible with the CGO3 app. I really want to use the SteadyGrip! That was a big selling point for me in choosing this quadcopter. I would very much appreciate advice on which ipad or other tablet to...