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charging rate

  1. J

    New Typhoon H User

    I just got my H for Prime Day (steal of a deal) but I have a few questions out of the shoot: I've had this massive battleship of a controller plugged in for an hour and the battery indicator hasn't moved. I'm guessing it's going to take a while? How long does it take the batteries to charge? I...
  2. S

    Battery Charging test by a newbee - Think I got 1C

    Saw the discussion in another thread. Forgiveness if this has been covered. Hello, took a 20 year break from RC so Hexcopters = NEW; LIPO=NEW. So comments are welcome. Bought a typhoon h friday. Love it. I THINK I was able to get it to charge to 1C. See my jury rig in photos. Charger said it was...