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  1. J

    H520 Preflight Checklist - A5

    Just in case anyone finds it useful, I copy/pasted the H520 Preflight info from their manual onto a PDF that can be printed A5 and laminated, then kept with the drone and used in the field. I've done this for my intended commercial ops manual, etc but thought I'd share in case it was of use to...
  2. dihedraleffect

    Looking for examples of check lists

    HI everyone, I'm looking on building my own check list for the Typhoon H. Do you have any examples of the following? a) Pre-flight b) Takeoff c) IN Flight d) Landing Let me know.
  3. N

    Pre and Post flight checklist

    I was looking for a pre and post flight checklist to ensure I didn't miss anything stupid resulting in a crash of my Typhoon H. I found a great thread here: Pre and Post Flight Checklist (Thanks to Rick Dunn) This is really geared towards a Q500. I took it and altered it slightly for the...
  4. Rick Dunn

    Pre and Post Flight Checklist

    Here is a basic Pre-Flight, Flight and Post Flight Checklist for anyone who is interested. After creating this I laminated it and put in my case so it would be there every time I head out to fly! I have been flying R/C Aircraft for over 30 years with very few incidents; safety is always my...