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compass calibrate

  1. NWSaint

    Best place to compass calibrate...

    Ok, seen many videos of where to calibrate.. the main guy i've been paying quite a bit of attention to on U-tube is Jeff Sibelius, as seen below.. the only thing I didn't like was that he did it with the GCO3 attatched.. but a couple things have crossed my mind.. 1). the last place I cal'd...
  2. P

    Symptoms of Compass Calibration Error?

    Hi Folks! I'm a relative "newbie" with my Yuneec Q500 4K drone. I try to follow all the guidance provided in the manuals and from most helpful folks here. I do have a question regarding the calibration of the compass and suspect it applies to other models as well. Although an inconvenience...
  3. tinchob

    Firmware update -To Do or Not To Do-

    I still can't calibrate the compass after 10 attemps. Could the last firmware update resolve my problem?