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  1. JMolter

    Controlling your drone when it gets out of control

    This came to mind as I was flying my H recently. The drone was toilet-bowling pretty bad and I tried everything to get it to stop but nothing worked. So it really took some major stick control on my end to land it without hitting anything or rolling over. The strong breeze didn't make it any...
  2. D

    Typhoon H Video/Control Range

    Typhoon H video link and control range with the ST16 is specified as "up to 1 mile." Is that realistic? My Typhoon 4K video link usually dies around 1,200 feet. I'm thinking about getting an H for a little better range,the Curved Cable Cam capability, and the obstacle avoidance in Follow Me mode.
  3. Breizhdrone

    Stickers for Typhoon H from www.uavstickers.com

    Hi, 2 sets of stickers for Typhoon H by www.uavstickers.com: For ST16 groundstation and Wizard... Personalized Identity Set This set includes valuable, color coordinated stickers for new & experienced pilots that are flying the Yuneec Typhoon H aircraft. Many of the stickers are common sense...
  4. C

    Lack of control of the Breeze

    Sometimes when I have made the wifi connection and get ready to fly, the Breeze barely responds. If I try to go forward it barely moves when I use full throttle. Same for other controls, left, right, back, up, etc. Usually if I restart my phone and the Breeze it works. Last time was indoors...