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  1. H

    Storage Warning

    So iv just dusted off my Yuneec Mantis Q 45mph drone for a bit of fun only to be met with disappointment with a £210 Bill! Its been in the spare room on a shelf inside its carry case for about a year. Bought it with 3 batteries which cost around 70gbp each or 210 total. Not a single battery is...
  2. E

    Looking for CGO3 (or CGO2) parts

    Hi Folks! I had an (ahem) rough landing the other day and bent the control arm on my CGO3. I am looking to buy a damaged CGO3 or CGO2 with an intact control arm. Maybe someone out here has a CGO3 that landed in water, or may have an extra as a result of a warrantee problem. Also, if anyone...