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  1. Eagle-i-AL

    My first attempt at video editing

    I have no experience in photography or using editing software so I just used Windows Movie Maker. Took me about an hour of poking around and this is what i decided to finish with. Hope to get better over time and learn as much as i can about the process as i did enjoy working on this. Welcoming...
  2. H

    Video files import as audio files

    I'm a rather newbie to the Yuneec Q500 4K and editing in 4K. I have premiere pro CS5 on a mac and edit in it frequently using 1080P files. I imported a flight of about 13 minutes today and found it broken into 3 files. The first files 2 were 5 minutes in length (found out that is normal!)...
  3. DrP

    Post Production Tools

    Ladies and Gents, as most of us "master" the aerial techniques of not meeting trees and respecting gravity, may I expand the discussion to helpful tools for turning our hard-won raw .mp4s (in the 2Gb range) into finished video products of usable size. Many of the shared videos show surprisingly...