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error codes

  1. J

    error code "entering 5 rotor mode" ?

    so I'm still pretty new to flying but I had one of my propellers broke. my drone fell into some water. I let everything dry for a long time and then decided to see if all works. by a miracle it did. after a minute an error read " error. entering five rotor mode". which confusing since its a...
  2. K

    Battery Problems & Unknown Error Code

    Hey- I've been having mild luck with the steady grip so far. Was out in New Orleans a few weeks back filming B-roll with the steady grip, which worked fine for about the first 15 mins of use. Then the app started randomly disconnecting, giving connection errors, and finally would only connect...
  3. K

    Error codes web path

    Hi, does anyone know what the numbers next to the error codes stand for?