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esc q500 4k led flashing

  1. R

    Initialization error

    I took the Q500 4K out last night for the first time in a month, with newly charged batteries. Turned on the controller and waited for it to acquire satellites. But when I turned on the Typhoon, the Typhoon repeated a series of beeps indicating an error with initialization. I switched batteries...
  2. M

    Q500 4k ESC - 1 of the 2 blue leds on ESC board is constantly flashing * HELP*

    Does any one know what the 2 small BLUE LED's on the ESC boards indicate. I just noticed that on 1 of my 4 ESC;s has one of the two blue leds is constantly flashing rapidly. The Q500 seems to pass all the GUI analysis and fly's, but I am leery about the Flashing ESC. I really dont want to fly...