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faa registration

  1. C

    Customized FAA stickers- set of 105!

    Hello fellow pilots, another great item to share from our site: www.UAVstickers.com: Our FAA registration set of 105 stickers with your number on them . Why so many? There's enough to ID the aircraft, camera, battery, controller- because truly the FAA rule is to ID your parts in the event of...
  2. Aerial-Pixel

    FAA UAS / UAV Registration Decals

    Now that we are all registering our drones with the FAA I'm now offering a sheet of vinyl decals with your registration number. Decals are sold in sets of 8, you will get (4) 3" wide, (2) 4" wide and (2) 5" wide decals. They are available in Mettalic Gold, Metallic Silver, Red, Black, White and...