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  1. Pilgrim23

    Which software to use for film making?

    Good Morning, I recently purchased a H520 with a E90 and a CGOET camera. I'm starting to really enjoy having fun with this, but am now looking at making some videos. I go fishing a lot and want to make films of my days out. Can anyone please recommend a software package etc that will help me do...
  2. D

    The Breeze and I (Continued)

    So now the story moves on to the second flights. As I reported in the first saga the day after promised to be just as good, and it was. Now that;s somethig of a record for us here on the Isle of Man, but the forecasters didn't tell us porkies this time. Blue sky and now a cloud in sight and no...
  3. Y

    Where are you getting your music from?

    When filming with my drone, I obviously would like to play music instead of the motor sounds. Do you know reliable, LEGAL websites to get free music from?