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  1. mbernholdt

    H plus C23 filter thread, and other questions

    Ordered the plus RS so still waiting for it to be delivered. But in the meanwhile, I might as well get all the accessories I need. Does anyone out there who has received the plus can tell me the filter thread size or just confirm it is 40.5mm? The second question which might seem weird but...
  2. TimboSlice

    Why I use Polar Pro Filters

    While I don't always use filters, when I do, I use Polar Pro Stay flying, my friends!
  3. Y

    Reason for Manual setting and Filter UK

    On a bright sunny day I did some tests using the Variable ND Freewell Filter from copter.eu. You can probably get it elsewhere as well. Sadly the variable settings on the the filter are not easily transposed in to ND values but the important point is that as shown in other videos on the forum...