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  1. P

    Uncut video of my low light winter sunset flight this afternoon on my home island.

  2. P

    Cross-country ice skating with the H

    The other day I posted a long flight. That was actually a by product of what I was actually shooting which was some cross country ice skaters. Here's the final edited version of what I wanted to shoot that time.
  3. P

    Typhoon H Pro with stock antennas - Range test 3000ft / 1km

    I was determined to go out and film some people Cross-country ice skating. And when I happened to spot some ice skaters I couldn't help myself but to stop the car, get out and set up the drone and follow them. Unfortunately they were so fast that I only caught up with them after about a...
  4. P

    Where ice meets land

  5. P

    Night time tests of camera (CG03+)

    Yesterday I went out after the storm had subsided. I've had the Typhoon for quite some time, but I've never really gotten around to testing the low light capabilities properly. So here are the videos of me doing so. And to round it all off : here's a still image I took in DNG. Can't...
  6. P

    A piece of cultural heritage and a piece of our Finnish culture

    This video is from the Christmas market in Kastelhom, in the Sund Municipality of the Åland Islands. An autonomous region of Finland. Each year there's a "little christmas" market organized on the saturday before the first of advent. This is a unique part of finnish culture which can't be found...
  7. HeikkiH

    Early morning flying

    It was 5:30am and I was thinking that early worm catch the fish. It sure was nice but next time I will be earlier on the spot. Hope you like edit and always love to get some pointers for the future. Thx and enjoy And rest of my videos at my YouTube channel Heikki Härkänen