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flight log

  1. D

    Stalling motor and speed control issues H520E

    - drone: H520E. I bought it used, but according to the seller and the HOBBS time, it is practically new - 10 minutes of HOBBS time. According to the previous owner, he only tried it on twice and then it was on the shelf for 8 months when I bought it (I have a store purchase invoice, he handed it...
  2. F

    Flight log share

    If you want you can help me by sending me some of you longer flight logs, so I can test some analyzing tools.
  3. Steve Carr

    Flight Logging Software

    Has anyone seen this? They list the H520 as a supported aircraft. 10 awesome new features! | Airdata UAV Drone Blog
  4. JulesTEO

    Very Unusual Telemetry Log

    Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I created a new thread, but I had nothing unusual worth sharing happen during my flights.. Until yesterday. So I hadn't flown my Typhoon H in a while; 2 whole months actually, since my last flight was on january 31. Yesterday I decided to dust off...
  5. DoomMeister

    Guide to Analyzing Breeze Cam FlightLogs - Your Data is Needed

    I wanted to have a way to plot my flights with the Breeze on Google Maps/Earth, so I started exploring the data contained in the Breeze Cam FlightLog files. As I started inserting the data into Google Maps, I was finding that a lot of my files were showing the Breeze staying in the same place...
  6. CzarMark

    Breeze Flight Logs

    Has anyone tried to decipher the Breeze flight logs? I was able to easily download them to my Mac and then import them by changing the file type to .CSV. However, when I looked at the data, it didn't make much sense to me. I'm mainly interested in only 3 parameters: flight time, height, and...