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  1. B

    Q500 4k - 1080p/120?

    Hi all. I'm a "newer" drone user and have a DJI Mavic Pro, Q500 4k, and a Yuneec Breeze 4k. Anyway, while practicing with my q500, I noticed that my 1080p footage wasn't at 120fps, but rather 112.08 fps. I've looked just about everywhere I can to find a solution to this. Is this just the frame...
  2. ShawnIde

    Slow Motion Video...

    Hey guys... I am new to the Yuneec family and I was wondering what you shoot with 120fps? Here is my first try:
  3. T

    1st Typhoon H Video

    Just made my first Typhoon H video a few weeks ago from a sunset flight at Priest Lake, ID. Love this drone! So easy and simple to fly.
  4. N

    Weekend shot of new sculpture.

    Hey guys, was out this weekend and saw this new structure at a construction site in my neighborhood. Looks kinda cool, wonder if it is finished and what it is. Comments welcome, this is one of my first edits. This was shot from my P3P(sorry guys my H is down for mods right now).
  5. A

    Stunning Footage from Yuneec H

    I was super impressed by the Typhoon H camera, its ease of use and quality are outstanding. I hope you enjoy a the clips I shot with the Typhoon H and maybe inspire you to capture your own ;) Link to footage reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ3M42qe-0I
  6. Eleopardi

    First flight ever - Yuneec Typhoon 4k

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I've been in the TV business for quite a while, and I recently got a Yuneec Typhoon to tinker with and see what I can create. This is my very first drone, and the footage in the video is quite literally my very first flight... So, it's far from perfect, but...
  7. M

    48 seconds of Typhoon H practice.

    Just before sending my camera in for re-focusing I had some practice at a park in my neighborhood. Hope you like it. I love the dolly/truck shot capabilities of a UAS.
  8. S

    Blurry Typhoon H Footage and Stills

    Hi, I'm getting some pretty terrible footage/stills out of my Typhoon H after the first flight today. I have 1/60 shutter, manual WB, and a Polar Pro ND 16 on the lens. Should I not shoot in the log mode? Is 1/60 shutter too low? Do Polar Pros stink? I thought it might be vibrations from the...