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fpv goggles

  1. A

    Selling H920 Package

    Hi All, I hope this post is acceptable to Forum rules (I didn't find that it wasn't). Anyway, I'm selling my USED H920 package. And lots that goes with it. I've listed on eBay, but feel this is a good place to also put it out there. Copying the listing below. Contact for price...
  2. B

    Drone Headset: VR or FPV?

    They come in all sizes and features. Fatshark makes one. So does Spectrum. For those not familiar with the FPV product, goggles are considered an upgrade due to a more immersive view that is unaffected by sunlight. Even those who have shortsightedness can use the goggles provided that they can...
  3. Bob Brazell

    Anybody know of fpv goggles I can plug in to the ST-10?

    I would like to find some FPV goggles that will just plug in to the ST-10 flight controller. The screen on the transmitter is great but hard to see in daytime. Also awkward looking up at the bird and back at the screen. Anybody know of a pair of goggles that I can plug in to the ST-10? Also, I...