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  1. Breizhdrone

    The international toy fair 2017 in Germany

    Hi, The international toy fair (Spielwarenmesse) will open at Nuremberg, in Germany: February 1 to 6, 2017 It is possible that there will be announcements from Yuneec about new developments after CES 2017 at Las Vegas, in USA and new H520. To follow.... Homepage in English...
  2. Y

    Flying in northern Berlin

    Hello I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with possible places for flying in northern Berlin (Tegel, Reinickendorf) I trued different places, but was unable to fly there because of "No-Fly-Zones", but i'm pretty sure that i was out of those zones. The only place was Lübars. I am flying a...
  3. bayport

    Typhoon H / CGO3+ / low lights / impressed what you can get out of it with the right settings

    Few shortcuts from my training flight in my hometown Düsseldorf, Germany. Comments are appreciated. Cheers, guys!