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gimbal problem

  1. M

    Any idea's. Gimbal moves to 90 degrees on binding with controller!

    My 520 is less than a month old with only 10 minutes flying time and now both cameras (E90 and CGO et) stick at 90 degrees after connection to the controller. I have no tilt or pan control which wasn't the case a few days ago. Any idea's?
  2. SherwoodSkycams @moobit

    Gimbal points sideways when forward camera lock switched on?

    Hi all. :) I'm having a problem with my camera Gimbal after a fly-away the other day caused my H to crash into a fence (I see some of you have had similar issues with fly-aways since the last software update too! :( Anywhoo - When I flick the top left switch from G to F to lock it forward...
  3. Lauri Heinonen

    "Gimbal not available" - not working at all.

    Title says it all. While trying to Orbit or Journey, ST16 notifies me that the "Gimbal not available" and refuses to do a thing. Panning wont work, Tilting either, I can't actually control the camera's movements BUT! It will record video, and take pictures, and gimbal is kinda working...