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  1. M

    Yuneec Skyview Goggles

    Hi, I am thinking about getting some Yuneec Skyview Goggles and I believe I am in right in thinking that I only need a spotter next to me in order for myself to fly whilst using them ? Anyone have any thought about the Skyview goggles generally? I have read some of the views on this site and...
  2. Morten

    Connecting the Yyphoon H to Headplay

    Hi Guys I have a Yuneec Typhoon H prof. and a Headplay Goggle. I´m trying to connect scanning the freq. band, but get no connection. IS it possible to connect an external FPV monitor (such as the Headplay goggles OR a AOMway HD588 ) to the direct videofeed from the Typhoon H. I know, I can...
  3. Capt. Crunch

    The Yuneec Skyview Goggles Have Landed!

    SkyView is an enclosed FPV headset compatible with Typhoon H, and Tornado H920. As you operate the camera, you see exactly what the drone sees, as if you were on board. Designed to be ergonomic and durable, SkyView features an adjustable headband and can accommodate users who wear glasses. The...