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gopro karma

  1. JulesTEO

    Fun afteroon with Typhoon H & GoPro Karma

    About a month ago a friend of mine decided to purchase a GoPro Karma as his first "high-end" UAV, and he asked me for some "training" before trying to fly on his own. After a few practice flights on backyards and small parks, we decided to go out to the open to have some unrestricted fun. We...

    GoPro Karma... Worst Drone ever??????

    Love this guy and his sense of humor, but sometimes he goes a bit over the top in his reviews. I think he though the GoPro Karma would be a polished drone. But GoPro, unlike Yuneec and DJI is very new to the drone market, so their drone is kinda basic and unpolished (many firmware updates to...
  3. M

    GoPro KARMA and quad's Market place

    GoPro Karma finally has been released to the wild ( in very limited numbers ) as we all know. Is there a point comparing Karma to Q+ here !? Are they at all in the same class? I really want / need to commit to a drone for personal video works ( and some small paid gigs ). I have been on the...