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gps acquiring no go to ready

  1. L

    GPS stuck on acquiring

    Any help appreciated. My Typhoon H Plus has been in storage for a long time. I have updated the Firmware. It will not acquire GPS. I have installed a new GPS antenna, purchased a new ST16 controller. The controller shows around 15-16 satellites, and the Drone sees about 18-19 satellites...
  2. S

    Not more than 10 sats on my Typhoon H Pro just return from Yuneec

    My T H P just came back from Yuneec after they fixed gimbal "bungee" issue. The documents said that they upgraded all firmware on T H P and ST16. When I tested it out from my usual spot, I could get no more that 10 sats, regardless of what altitude I tried. Any ideas?
  3. C

    The GPS indicator never change from acquiring to Ready.

    Hey! Im in South America, i buy my H in Florida and fly well, When come to the south the GPS indicator in the ST16 remain In acquiring , never change to Ready, (have 18/20 sats in the UAV and 16/18 in the controller. Only with a disbled GPS the motors run. I try re-binding, compass calibration...