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h520 battery

  1. D

    For sale: E50 ND filters + 2 x H520 battery

    Hi all As I don't have my H520 anymore (brought it back to the store as they were unable to solve the camera shake for half a year, tested with 4 cameras, send all back to the factory for a check and repair but no results), I am selling following items which I still have: - E50 ND Filters 0.3...
  2. J

    Yuneec H520 Drone+E90 Camera With 4 Batteries $2,800

    Yuneec H520 with E90 4k 60fps camera. Drone has been test flown and taken on jobs for backup, but was never flown for work. Less than 12 flights, like new. Offered for $2,800, which includes 2 extra flight batteries. Message me if you are interested.
  3. B

    Calling dibs on the first 520 help post

    Rayray, I call dibs on the first post in 520 help (for good reason). I am guessing very shortly this is going to fill up with questions, comments and users asking for help with their H520s. Someone had to start the thread going.