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h520 datapilot

  1. Hexamatic

    H520 Red text for some parameters, and will not "take" changes.

    Using the advanced menu on the ST16S. Enter the "Parameters" tab, and find many entries in red font. As I have larger batteries now, I attempted to set the BAT_CAPACITY to match. I get the yellow message that the change was not applied. Since, I find that any setting I change will not survive a...
  2. Pilgrim23

    Which software to use for film making?

    Good Morning, I recently purchased a H520 with a E90 and a CGOET camera. I'm starting to really enjoy having fun with this, but am now looking at making some videos. I go fishing a lot and want to make films of my days out. Can anyone please recommend a software package etc that will help me do...
  3. R

    H520 DataPilot (TM) Pics

    ST16S integrated DataPilot at work with the H520