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h920 batteries

  1. Vaklin

    920 and 920+ batteries, are they the same?

    On eBay is available brand new batteries but they are marked as 920 only. The text also is mentioned that they are not suitable to use in the plus system. Is this true and what is the difference?
  2. W

    Off brand Battery charging.

    I recently bought two Gens ace 6S 5000mAh 45C 22.2V LiPo Battery Packs Can they be charged using the charger that comes with the H920? If not what would be a good charger for these batteries?
  3. S

    H920 replacement battery

    Has anyone found a replacement battery for the Yuneec H920 battery that is available in the USA? The Tattu H920 battery(A-TA-15C-4000-6S1P) is available in the EU and Australia but apparently not in the USA. I am having puffing/swelling issues with two of my Yuneec batteries so would like to try...