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  1. Pilgrim23

    Good Monitor for live streaming

    Hi, I'm doing a lot more out in the sticks work. I need a decent monitor, prob about 27" ? That can be placed on the tailgate of my vehicle and conect to my Yuneec ST16S via hdmi, for live streaming. Also is the stream at 720 or 1080 ? I don't think much point in spending a fortune for a 4k as...
  2. L

    50/50 success with ST16 and HDMI out

    I was looking around the forum to see if I am the only one who seems to have issues with the HDMI out on the ST16 when connected to external monitor. Apparently there was issues back in 2016 but am I the only one who still has these problems even with latest firmware? When I connect my ST16 to...
  3. I

    How to change HDMI setting on ST16?

    Hi, I want to send the HDMI signal out. It works fine on 1080p monitors. But all the goggles are 720p. I saw this video that shows a setting, but I can't find it on my ST16. Probably this was an earlier firmware (I'm recently updated). I don't speak German... Any ideas on how to switch the...