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  1. mbernholdt

    Munkholm Bridge

    A few clips from this mornings flight that I didn't pass over to my client. Thought it was sad if they just where trashed. Didn't spend to much time clipping this one but thought I would share anyways, now that I am finally getting a hang of the CCC with manual camera control on the Plus first...
  2. mbernholdt

    A post apocalyptic drone shot

    Managed to take this while fighting off zombies, on the nuclear waste island Moen in northern Europe.
  3. mbernholdt

    The coaster

    A coaster entering Enø (Enoe) harbor and the bird sanctuary Karrebaek fjord before sailing through Naestved canal. All images taken with the C23 on the H plus :-) Hope you like them
  4. mbernholdt

    A few from today's windy trip.

    A few images from today's windy trip to the coast, with the H plus and the Amazing C23 Camera :-) They are taken at Møns Klint [The cliff's at Moen] in Denmark. See on Google maps here: Google Maps
  5. mbernholdt

    Wauw Amazing camera on the H Plus

    Gosh, I love the 360-degree rotating camera on the Typhoon H plus that along with the Autopano function gives you the opportunity to create some amazing panoramas My latest panorama is of the small fishing village Rødvig in Denmark. This particular panorama is more than 25k pixels wide and...
  6. mbernholdt

    First two weeks with the H plus

    I have had the Typhoon H plus for about two weeks now, and coming from DJI is very different and I must admit that some parts of the camera control just doesn't make any sense to me, and I do get the feeling that Yuneec had to push the drone on the market with minimum functionality, but never...