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huntington beach

  1. WEDWay

    Wobbling Video

    I know I have seen some discussion about wobbling video, but I am haven't found a good answer to fix, other that sending it back to Yuneec. On that note, I only live about an hour away from their SoCal location, so that could be helpful. I but together some clips, titled for date, resolution...
  2. WEDWay

    Huntington Beach, CA considers drone ordinance that seem EXTREME

    Since I live in HB, CA and want to fly in my city if possible, I have been trying to find if our city had anything on the books. Up till now, it seems they have not. BUT ... that y change. Thanks to a post by DroneEddie on Facebook 需要安全验证 entitled "Next time it may cost you $2.00 to look at this...