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  1. Nobel Drones

    Company name for drone AP business

    Hi Guys, im thinking about launching a real estate Aerial Photography business in some time. And im starting to think about company name, logos etc... I opened this thread for anybody who might have a good idea for company name. Name should preferably not have the word aerial,sky,drone etc...
  2. Nobel Drones

    Amusement Park Aerial photography ideas SIX FLAGS GREAT ESCAPE

    Hi Guys im going to six flags great escape in a few days with a day camp of about 75 ppl. im looking for some ideas or cool shots these shots have to come out very good since its the major trip of the summer! Thank You! BTW SIX FLAGS GREAT ESCAPE IS A AMUSEMENT PART BTW X2 I HAVE THE TYPHOON...
  3. N

    Yuneec controller

    Does anyone know what source code is used in the controllers or is an appilication that allows you to customs each function of the buttons on the controller. I would love to use the triggers as the throttle, left analog stick to controller the gimbal, and the top bumpers for yawn like Grand...