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  1. J

    Typhoon H plus Gimbal issue ?

    Hi there, I must write again, cause my yuneec suprised me...again... I have problems on recording for few days. My gimbal shakes in annoying way . Take my video, where you can see everything . Any idea what can I do, if there's any way to fix it ?
  2. S

    Modify the default wifi channel

    Hello All, Like many here, I bought breeze and it was working ok (few reboots to connect it to my Nexus 6P) now the wifi is gone, I can see it on my laptop, Iphone , Ipad but not on my Nexus. I noticed that Nexus doesn't discover the channel that breeze is broadcasting on (5 GHz , width 20MHz)...
  3. J

    Bad battery or charger? please help!

    So I received my Typhoon H early this morning today and unfortunately either my battery or charger is defective. When I plug the battery in to the dock nothing happens the green flashing light keeps flashing green but some times it beeps with a blue flashing light. Has anyone had this issue...
  4. I

    Landing gear malfunction... Help?

    Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying your new H! Just got mine on friday, flown it four times since. On the first three flights, the retractable landing gear worked perfectly fine, but on the fourth flight, for no conceivable reason, the port-side gear stays down even thought the starboard-side...