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  1. Ty Pilot

    CG03+ DNG - JPG Comparison & Video

    A couple weeks ago we we're shooting a property that was a somewhat difficult job. For one, the house was surrounded by trees which made the aerial part tough from a flying standpoint but also the realtor asked me to get a specific shot showing the front entrance garden and landscaping and in...
  2. J

    DNG as Default Format

    Is there a way to make the Typhoon H never take JPEGs ever again? I was working a job for a client today and when I landed to switch out the battery it switched back to JPEGs instead of DNGs. So now most of the images I am sending are lower quality that what's ideal (and 16:9 instead of 4:3)...
  3. Dispatchdog


    Good morning, Can anyone reccomend a program to convert RW2 files into RAW or JPEG, as I have taken some shots using the camera on the Tornado (Panasonic) and I can't open the RW2 files. I'm running a Windows machine with Win10. Cheers, Steve