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  1. D

    Artificial Lake Klaus @Austria

  2. TimboSlice

    Expanding Boundries

  3. TimboSlice

    Winter at the Lake

    Getting cabin fever - had a day near 30 degrees, driving around to find a place to shoot some drone footage, and came up with this - enjoy!
  4. P

    Lake ice.

    Best regards!
  5. Dezzzy.D

    Backpacking with a Typhoon H

    Hey all, I'm wondering if you fine people can give me some ideas or suggestions on backpacking with a Typhoon H. I'm heading on a 4 day trek over the following terrain: Rainforest, massive rockslide with huge boulders, small rivers, one glacier and one **** of a emerald green lake. Now this is...
  6. Ddraiggoch

    Just happened on this place while looking for somewhere to fly.

    Using google maps to find somewhere scenic to fly and happened on this place. Been here over ten years and though I knew this place existed I didn't know exactly what or where it was. Glad I tried it out.