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lipo batteries

  1. uidzero

    Battery woes

    So I'm still a relative newbie on the Typhoon H scene.. yes I've had my Typhoon for a little over a year but really I've probably clocked around 50 hours of flight time. First world problems I suppose... Anyway, I noticed when I bought my Typhoon H and later another replacement battery that...
  2. Breizhdrone

    Project of heater LiPo batteries bag for drones

    Hello, I propose you to read an online article dealing with a project of heater LiPo batteries bag for drones or electronic equipments from this page of my blog: Sac chauffe-batteries pour drones en hiver There are many pictures and you could use Google tools to translate...
  3. Robert007

    typhoon h batteries

    I am looking to buy 2 lipo batteries for Yuneec Typhoon h drone. Message me back at [email protected] , thanks Bob
  4. ksiads

    Dual Charger Question

    To save charging time I bought an Evpeak Dual Charger made for two Yuneec Q500 batteries. Until today I've only had the two stock Yuneec batteries (5400mAh / 11.1V / 59.9Wh) that came with my Typhoon G. I ordered two Morpilot batteries and received them today. Their specs are (6300mAh / 11.1V /...