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  1. D

    Stalling motor and speed control issues H520E

    - drone: H520E. I bought it used, but according to the seller and the HOBBS time, it is practically new - 10 minutes of HOBBS time. According to the previous owner, he only tried it on twice and then it was on the shelf for 8 months when I bought it (I have a store purchase invoice, he handed it...
  2. DroneCalzone

    Rendering error during 3d log render on logs.px4.io?

    Hello, i'm trying to interpret some logs, but I tried 3 different logs downloaded with QGroundControl, and they all upload correctly to logs.px4.io, but when I want to see the 3D view I get a rendering error, and I cannot view the log as a render in time. When I upload the logs, I get all the...
  3. T

    flight logs

    How do you get to the flight logs?