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long range

  1. A

    Range of transmission

    New guy here, Thank you in advance for your knowledge and willingness to help others. Asking for knowledge, I think is a great compliment. We bought our H for fun and to easily monitor our farm. Does anyone know the most efficient way to set up a home based transmitter station to get the...
  2. T

    Antenna Mod Assitance?

    Hi everyone first off let me ask that anyone that posts to this thread PLEASE stay on topic as well as do not fill this thread up with posts stating rules or asking why I'm wanting to do these mods, I'm just trying to obtain information strictly based on the thread topic! Thank You I'm wanting...
  3. T

    Antenna Mod Help Please

    Hi everyone I know that I've asked a part of this before but first has anyone done 5.8Ghz Antenna Mod on the H? That Antenna is unfortunately directly inside of the camera housing & the housing self-balances with that in account, & our CGO3+ gimbals have the 360 forever spin so can't mount any...
  4. T

    External Antenna Mod On The H. A Bit Differently

    Hi so as I've been preparing to do the H external antenna mod on mine ie getting all that I need, making sure I don't need to or want to anything else while I have it all broken down etc. but as I've seen so many with the H do the Mod where they only put a very small antenna on each side, I have...
  5. T

    Need Help locating upgrades cuz in a Time Crunch.….

    Hi everyone each year I go to Arizona over Thanksgiving cuz family their. But this year I'm scheduled to leave on the 16th to fly down & I'm really wanting to be able to find the new Itelite DBS05.6B before then so I can have time to set it all up & possibly try it before leaving & taking it...
  6. S

    Fpvlr coupon code?

    Does anyone have a fpvlr coupon code or know where to buy them in the US?
  7. Sage I

    FPVLR Antenna

    Have tried out the new antennas a few times, and I haven't had much luck. I start lagging and losing feed anywhere between 900ft-1500ft. Always pointed in the right direction, double check that I have them on the right connections, super clear weather, lots of satellite, I can't think of...