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manual flight

  1. JulesTEO

    Do Smart and Home mode work when flying with GPS disabled?

    Answer: No,they don't. This topic has already been discussed before, and I always assumed they didn't (although I kinda wondered if Home was also completely lost, since it is known that GPS isn't completely disconnected; it just doesn't have an effect on autopilot positioning). However, I had...
  2. S

    Night photos

    Hello, can you upload night shots from the drones, are you happy with the camera, how does it handle night time in manual mode?
  3. JulesTEO

    Learning to fly 'manual' progress..

    Hello guys. This post is not directly about the Typhoon H itself, but it's related to my experience with it. As some of you may or may not know, I purchased my Typhoon H as my very first UAV and I thought I would be able to learn easily on it. (I thought, the H practically flies itself, how...