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    ST16 - Rooting and recovery of Playstore

    ************************************************************************************************************** ***MODERATORS NOTE*** DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. ROOTING IS NOT RECOMMENDED EVER FOR AN ST16. THIS IS NOT A REGULAR TABLET AND YUNEEC PUT SAFEGUARDS...
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    UAV Pilot Flight Sim - Maps available?

    Got the flight simulator working with my Typhoon H. No problems encountered. There is a drop down menu on the PC for "maps". There is only one map available. It is in Germany (I am in Florida, USA). Are there any other maps available for download? Where? How to I add them to the Flight...

    Change Flight Log MAPS to SATELLITE view?

    After the firmware update I noticed the Flight Log App (If it was there before, I never noticed it). In the App you can view all the flights you've taken complete with maps and even stick control and orientation. I can have the maps show as below as my little drone flys around retracing my...
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    Autopilot software (GPS) Q500, Q5004K

    Autopilot software. Like many of you I was hoping that Yuneec would have considered releasing a download for the Q500 enabling it to have the capability to use GPS and fly with autopilot. I would like to know if a program was designed giving the Q500 this ability would other Typhoon owners be...