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  1. Steve Carr

    False Advertisement?

    DJI: False Advertisement or Failure to Read Fine Print? The denied a claim because the pilot was flying over water. But here is a frame grab from their promotional video for the Mavic Air.
  2. B

    Weighing buying a Typhoon H with RealSense. Looking for help

    So right now I am in "need" of a new multi. I have an old gen 1 Phantom I am going to sell, and throw a few of those bucks at something new. I have it narrowed down to 2 options - Mavic or Typhoon H. So let me throw out the things I'm thinking about and the questions I have, and hopefully you...

    Are you a "selfie drone pilot" or a full fledged drone pilot?

    Looks like the world of Selfie Drones is heating up. For people who like to travel or do sport/adventurous activies, the selfie drone has found a home. Selfie Drones are not like our Typhoon. They don't have the range, payload, In-depth controller, battery flight time or cool features but...