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maximum height

  1. D

    B4k. Went crazy and flew away. NO GPS + minimum height/speed

    Today I was flying the breeze 4k in a little football field. I wanted to try the flight with the "indoor" mode and I calibrated it with the minimum height, speed and distances. I disabled the GPS so it could fly slowly. I used an iPhone 7 as the control. I took it off the ground and it flew for...
  2. P

    Breeze 4k flying questions and doubts

    Hello everyone, I'm Pedro and I live in Brazil. I bought a Breeze 4k during my trip to the Netherlands last month and I'm enjoying it very much. Moreover I have some questions related to the GPS system and outdoor flying. First I couldn't figure out if the height is calculated from the...
  3. R

    How high can you go?

    How high have you gone with the Typhoon H? Nope, not talking about Ozzy Osbourne or a Rocky Mountain. There's been a lot of chatter about the Compass. The crazy calibration process, wrong readings close to ground, all that. Yet I don't remember seeing one post about how high anyone has actually...