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  1. MinnesotaUAV

    MinnesotaUAV Announces the addition of the recon Scout XT to its tactical arsenal.

    MinnesotaUAV brings emergency responders, insurance adjusters, police, fire and others the requisite resources UAV equipment and UAV skilled personnel to enable you to Rapidly deploy into challenging situations, day or night, and provide reliable, high quality aerial input for – search and...
  2. MinnesotaUAV

    MinnesotaUAV Announces Channel Sales Partnership with ReconRobotics.

    Elk River, MN – MinnesotaUAV (www.MinnesotaUAV.com) a leading-edge Aerial response company focused on emergency services, implementation and management of public safety for public and private sectors and retail commercial UAV sales, today announce a Channel Sales Partnership contract has been...