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    This is probably a stupid question considering the Chroma is obsolete and discontinued.. but does anyone know of a source where I can still purchase the MK58 or CGO2+Gimbal? I recently obtained a Chroma and love it so much I even got an ST-10+ for it (it originally had the Spektrum DX4) and I've...
  2. T

    USB to AV adapter cable for GoPro Typhoon G

    The cable for the gopro broke and I soldered it back together. can anyone tell me if this is right cable to polarity?
  3. X

    Weak Video Downlink - MK58 - ST10+

    Hello Guys, I have problem with my Q, i can only fly around 200ft. (sometimes 50ft.) and i got massage, unable to connect camera, reconecting, it is randomly, sometimes video can reconnect without fly more close to me, sometimes i need to land and wait a minute to again connect. I have changed...